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3elephantavatarRoger Lance, a native of the Midwest, has always had a flair for writing whimsical poetry. With a dedicated interest in conservative politics, His debut book, Right Wing Poems highlights his conservative beliefs and a vision of a world with limited government, less regulations, core family values and balanced budgets. He is a man who believes in the voice of reason. He possesses a great respect for our country and the legacy of our founding Fathers, which you will see reflected on every page. Roger Lance’s writings provide a philosophical, historical and practical framework for revitalizing the conservative vision for American society. Right Wing Poems is a book of satirical poetry about the fanatical, liberal left wing politicians. As we stand in the midst of a liberal assault on constitution-based values, Lance’s passionate conservatism shines through his satirical writing style and his keen observation of the world around us as well as and some insightful tips for its improvement. As a strong supporter of common sense, His hilarious brand of realism is refreshing and necessary than ever.

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