Hello world!

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Welcome to my new blog. I first want to mention I am not running
for any political office. With that out in the open, many of my
post and comments may not be politically correct. I could care
less if someone on the left is insulted, inflamed or  idiotized by
my writings or poems. If I occasionally use a harsh or adult
verbiage so be it. I plan on delivering verbal irony and abuse
to all those left radical figures and politicians who are trying
to destroy this great Republic.

If you are a conservative right wing hobbit, you have found,
common ground.

More to come……….

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  1. nic tanney 2013-02-12

    WORDS!!! yes words is how the left wins, they start with a prepackaged leftie dictionary that starts out in the public schools, kindergarten and up is bombarded with left leaning policies, words like diversity is taught, guns are bad, and most of history is rewritten to fit the agenda. Then comes college, truly left leaning communist professors once again taking the minds of youth and making it mush. More words continue throughout this country, the words blasted on the airwaves called NEWS!!! All communist leaning puppets. California comes along and every movie produced seems to HATE the white guy, the WHITE guy is terrible, the BLACK guy is the nice, smartest and kindest. The Muslims NEVER commit any crimes, always the WHITE guy… yep to beat the left you have to control WORDS, control NEWS, control Hollywood. control SCHOOL, control universities. The right will never get it right until they can control WORDS!!!


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