Update On The USA

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Well I have been doing some updates on what is going on in this Republic
within the last several months. Lots of changes have taken place. We had
the attack on Benghazi which I think started with a fart or someone farted
during a video or something like that. Then we have new gay and queer scouts
and scout leaders joining the new Gay Scouts of America organization. Also
with the introduction of the new Eagle Scout rainbow merit badge BE PROUD.
Then we now have Holder our DOJ leader along with his buddy Barry proclaiming it
is all right to kill American citizens. Along with all that going on former
Secretary of State Clinton is now changing the sheets on her home bed to
get rid of the perfume smell left there during her reign in office.

I would like to think movies are made up of this stuff in Hollywood but it
appears Washington may just become the newest city for the motion
picture association.

I believe the title for this film would be: Great Republic Under Attack.

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