Rubio Drinks Illegal Moonshine Left Furious

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Roger Lance

What was in the water bottle that Marco Rubio was
drinking from? It has come to my attention from a unnamed private source that
Rubio was actually drinking illegal Moonshine instead of water. To top it off it appears
that there was no ATF approval, no federal tax paid on it, no liquor tax,
no EPA approval, no state tax, no union dues, and no revenue stamp. This has
the left liberals in a uproar. People close to Rubio reported that enough taxes
are being paid already. It is also reported that the MSM reporters were
caught fighting over the residue left in the bottle. Many of those on the left are also disappointed that they were not allowed to sample the white lightening.

The moonshiners in the South are proud of their new spokesman and are already
planning their 2016 season which they think will be their best run.

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