You’re An Ass Get Over It

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Roger Lance

One of the biggest problems in our society we face today is political correctness.
It seems almost everyone is afraid to say what the hell is on their mind.
After all you may offend a special
interest group or a particular race of people.


Most of this hogwash has been implemented onto our society by the left loons. With this said I would
like to remind everyone that they are an ASS. In case you have forgot the word ASS was mentioned in
the great Bible many times. It is the proper word for a donkey. I had nothing to do with the Democratic
party or their leaders who chose an ASS for their party mascot. So when I say Harry Reid is an ASS or Pelosi
is an ASS or Holder is an ASS what is the big deal? So it is proper to say that Democrats are a bunch of

It is time we get back to using proper words when we speak regardless of who they might offend. I have no
problem being called a pachyderm.

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