World Ends March First

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Roger Lance

I thought some time ago the Mayan calendar ran out and doomsday had come and
gone. But according to recent news reports the Barry calendar is more reliable and
it shows all hell breaking loose on March 1, 2013. It is very disturbing to learn all
the government agencies that will not be able to function. My main concern is the
ATF arm of the government. It appears they might have layoffs and with a shortage
of agents to police the government taxes on alcohol  it appears this could lead to
a limited supply of beer and spirits.

This could really hurt the hard working individuals who depend on their daily
happy hour routine.

I am not going to be left high and dry after this sequester takes place.  I recently
bought another 100 cases of beer.



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  1. Brad 2013-02-23

    Reply to “World ends March first”

    Dear Roger,
    You wouldn’t be mad if I came over and drank 5% of your beer would you? lol. After all,you would ONLY have 95 cases for yourself,lol. Love your blog,man…keep up the good work.

    • Roger Lance 2013-02-23

      I drink the cheap beer… if you don’t mind that…..go ahead …..I just got
      another delivery this morning thinking 100 cases may not be enough.
      thanks for the report,


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