Best Overall Look at the Academy Awards

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Roger Lance

I was asked to do an article on who had the Best Overall Looks at the
recent Academy Awards. I must first confess that I was watching some
gore on the new Al Jazeera American TV station and didn’t get a chance
to see all the humble actors and actresses in their modest attire.

I must also mention here that do to global warming it was snowing and
my signal on my satellite dish was intermittent at times. I did manage to
catch the last part of the awards. Now remember here I don’t have a
wide screen TV like many of my readers do. I don’t know if it was a
signal problem or some sort of interference but when the cameraman
zoomed in on FLOTUS from the rear this stretched far beyond my
screen size and I was not able to get a good overall look. I am sorry I
didn’t get the Best Picture presentation that was available.

I know people will probably call this report racist and unkind because
I only have a B&W television.



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