Two Unions We Could Do Without

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Roger Lance

Just recently I discovered that Washington has had an increase in union
membership. I am for cutting cost wherever  we can to try to get our
government spending under control. I thought I would dive into the various
government unions and see if there was a couple we could get rid of.

I found problems with the Sharp Cutters Union and the Keep Spending Union.

When digging into the membership of the Sharp Cutters Union I found many
new fresh energetic young members. After viewing the entire list of names I
also found that all the officers in charge of membership  appeared to be
of a RINO Descendant. Many of the senior officers have been stuck on
common ground for years and it is almost impossible for them to leave now.

What I learned about the Keep Spending Union is that the majority here are
handicapped or mentally disturbed individuals with little or no IQ.  Their leaders take
great pride in  their role keeping these deranged members in a coherently  fashion.
This union also represents millions of uneducated college graduates.

After looking into these two unions it is hard for me to tell the difference between the two.

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